This Terms of Service guides the Education Support Service provided to you by Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd. By submitting this education support service form, you agree that you have read and agree with the terms stated within.

Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd as a limited and independent agency is only providing an assistance service in helping you secure the respective education support services which is solely dependent on the availability of the third-party service provider.

Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd is not affiliated or contracted by any of the third party service providers; we are only an independent consulting agency providing assistance service to individuals who sign up with us for the same.

Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd does not guarantee, control or issue any of the third party services at any time as this is only determined by the service provider.

The premium monthly membership subscription fee of ₦10,000 grants all active premium subscribers access to a 20% discount of company service fees only in relation to the Education Support Services.

All membership subscription fees are non-refundable as the same grants all active subscribers access to our discounted company service fees.

Membership subscriptions remain active until when cancelled by the subscriber or expired by duration (30) days. The due payment for any of the education support services is only due as advised on the invoice that will be issued before the commencement of any of the education services process. Invoice will clearly indicate third party services and the company service fees applying the applicable discounts appropriately.

Company services fee received shall be refunded if any of the non-refundable conditions below does not apply:

Company services fee shall not be refunded if the requested service has been processed and any of the involved stages have been completed by the company.

Company services fee shall not be refunded if the request for a refund was made after ten (10) business days of payment.

All qualified refund requests will be refunded less than 20% to cover for the Company’s administrative cost. The refund will be processed and credited to the client using the same method or any other specified by the member in writing within twenty (20) business days of receiving the completed refund request form.

You agree and indemnify Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd from any responsibility or liability to you for any loss you may experience for the sake of education support services and things beyond the control of Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd like respective regulatory authorities decisions, government policies and third-party organisation decisions, etc.

Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd reserves the right to make changes to these terms of services at any time without a prior notification and it becomes effective once uploaded on our website.