Our Visa Assistance service has come a long way in assisting travelers interested in travelling overseas with ease. We have experience in travelers’ visa assistance. Services provided includes: Embassy visa requirement documentations, Visa Appiontments, Travelers documents legalizationTravelers insuranceCheap flight tickets and Pre-departure orientation and Airport Pickup.

Benefits to Travelers
Visa assistance service among other benefits enables travelers to access fast visa issuance en-route to travel abroad with easy. The visa assistance services are available for Tourist Visa, Visitor’s Visa, Business Visa, Study Visa, Work Visa and Residency Permits to Canada, UK, USA, Australia and Citizenship by Investment.

Steps To Secure a Visa
Step 1. Complete the Visa Assistance Service form
Step 2. Upload your primary documents (softcopies)
Step 3. Pay the Visa Assistance Service Fee
Step 4. Secure your Visa
Step 5. Book your Flight using our preferred Flights Ticketing Service

Primary documents to be uploaded to us for Visa Assistance Processing are:
1. Scanned data page of the Traveler’s International Passport
2. Passport Photograph (with a white background).

Note: Some additional documents may be required depending on the type of visa requested.