It is a contract issued by a licensed Employer or Company in Poland or any other country, properly approved and signed by the government.

Yes. Work Permit processed by us comes with the following supporting documents below but varies from Countries:

  • Letter of Accommodation.
  • Letter of Guarantee to the Embassy.
  • Letter of Contract of Employment.
  • Regular Processing time is on or before 180 days
  • Express Processing time is on or before 90 days

Costs varies depending on the processing time selected. Express processing time costs more than the Regular processing time.

Canada, Poland, Malta, Romanian, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Estonia, Portugal, Bulgaria and Hungary and more.

There are specialist job roles with more requirements and also there are many labour related jobs in the Construction, Manufacturing and Agriculture Sectors.

Our applicants are offered Visa Assistance Services and Visa Documentation services that will prepare them to meet the embassy’s requirements. Visa Assistance and Documentations are paid services.

Salaries information are contained in the Employment Contract that will be sent by the Employer and it is relevant to the country’s minimum wage approved by their government.

  • Scan copy of High School diploma ( if any )
  • Complete Bio-data and the recent CV
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Work permit, gives you access to a work visa at the respective embassy.
  • On arrival to the destination country, you will be given a residency permit that allows you to work for the employer.
  • Once you have held your residency permit for 5 years, you will be entitled to permanent residency, which en-route you to citizenship after additional 5 years or less depending on the host country immigration laws.
  • A residency permit holder with work privileges means you are contributing to the health Insurance and other Social Insurance schemes available in that country. You will be able to access health care and other benefits.

This varies from countries. For the European union member countries, the work contract holder must have obtained the temporary residency permit and also  meet additional finanical requirement before they can sponspor their dependants.