About Our Company

We exist to make business owners identify and leverage on new business opportunities.


Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd is a one spot center for Business Support, Consultancy Services cutting across service sectors from Travels, Education to Retailing Service Sectors. Our services are designed to enable our clients to identify and maximize their opportunities and convert them into profitable ventures. Incorporated in Nigeria as Isnet Consultancy Solutions Ltd (RC. 1415033) to deliver cutting edge Business Support and Consultancy Services.


To provide quality consultancy services and solutions that empowers our clients to translate their ideas into profitable values.

To always demonstrate a strong understanding of our clients' expectations and exceed them.

C .A .R .E
Customer Focused,
Affordable Prices,
Reliable and
Efficient Services.

Our Skills

Design Skills 80%
Creative Skills 96%
Business Skills 99%
Coding Skills 96%
Support Skills 96%